Season Five Episode 02: The House of Black & White

Arya gets a great upskirt shot of the Titan of Braavos.  Jon declines Stannis' kind offer to become Lord Stark of Winterfell, and ends up Lord Commander of the Night's Watch as a nice consolation prize.  Dany beheads a disobedient follower and is paid a fleeting visit by Drogon.  Brienne and Pod lead Littlefinger's retinue a merry chase through the woods after getting dissed by Sansa.  Cersei harangue's Jaime into rescuing Myrcella from Dorne.  Jaime decides to invite Bronn along.  Prince Doran Martell, Ser Kevan Lannister and Lollys Stokeworth are all established as key characters this season.

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