Season Five Episode 09: The Dance of Dragons

• June 9th, 2015

Stannis does something unspeakably terrible.  Things come to a head in Meereen at the opening of the fighting pits.  Prince Doran appears to accommodate Jaime and chastise Ellaria.  Jon returns to the wall with the wildlings but is greeted coldly by his brothers.  And in Braavos a girl defies her orders when she spies Ser Maryn Trant.

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Season Five Episode 08: Hardhome

• June 2nd, 2015

The Crow King and the wildlings face off against the army of the dead in spectacular fashion at Hardhome.  We witness Valyrian steel in action, see a Giant tearing up zombies left and right, and meet the Night King.  Elsewhere Sansa learns from Reek that Bran and Rickon live.  Cersei is not enjoying her stay in a dank cell.  Tyrion and Danerys have a nice chat over some wine, while Ser Jorah is cast out once again.  Meanwhile, in Braavos, a girl becomes an oyster shucker. 

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Season Five Episode 07: The Gift

• May 26th, 2015

Ser Jorah, the non-lethal gladiator, and Tyrion the lucky-to-be-alive, finally come face-to-face with Danerys, who does not seem pleased to see them.  Things are looking bleak for Sansa as she foolishly hopes Theon will help her escape Ramsay.  Jon and Tormund head out to hardhome.  Sam has a big episode, as he bids farewell to Maester Aemon, takes a beating defending Gilly, and is sweetly rewarded.

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Season Five Episode 06: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

• May 19th, 2015

Arya excels at the fine art of corpse maintenance, Tyrion and Jorah share a bonding moment before they enter into bondage, Everyone in Dorne converges at the Water Gardens, and Sansa enters into unholy matrimony.

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Season Five Episode 05 - Kill the Boy

• May 12th, 2015

Jorah and Tyrion paddle their way across the ocean to the smoking doom of Valyria.  They spot Drogon flapping by when suddenly all the Grayscale foreshadowing comes to fruition with a stone men attack.  Danerys gets some random vengeance for Ser Barristan's death by feeding a Meerenese lord to the dragons.  She almost tosses Hizdahr on the fire as well, then she calms down and decides to marry him instead.  Sansa has a pretty unpleasant dinner party with the Boltons, and Jon makes nice with Tormund.

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Season Five Episode 04: Sons of the Harpy

• May 6th, 2015

Ser Barristan demonstrates that his vaunted reputation as one of the greatest warriors in the Seven Kingdoms is well-deserved. Unfortunately after kicking ass and saving Grey Worm from the Sons of the Harpy, he is slain, somewhat undercutting his legend. This death on the show is all the more shocking since Ser Barristan has yet to be killed off in the books. More than anything else this season, it really feels like we're entering uncharted territory, and it's exciting. This episode also lays the groundwork for R+L=J in a more explicit way than the books ever have, or ever will, most likely. It really looks like the show is ready to go there, which is pretty exciting.

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Season Five Episode 03: High Sparrow

• April 27th, 2015

This week is all about the remaining Starks.  Jon is the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, and he declines Stannis' offer of becoming a true Stark and Warden of the North.  Littlefinger convinces Sansa that returning to Winterfell and marrying Ramsay Bolton is the path to vengeance.  Arya begins her initiation as a faceless man.  Tyrion arrives in Volantis and is unable to find solace in a brothel.  Ser Jorah also seemed to be struggling to find solace in the brothel, at least until he spies Tyrion.

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Season Five Episode 02: The House of Black & White

• April 20th, 2015

Arya gets a great upskirt shot of the Titan of Braavos.  Jon declines Stannis' kind offer to become Lord Stark of Winterfell, and ends up Lord Commander of the Night's Watch as a nice consolation prize.  Dany beheads a disobedient follower and is paid a fleeting visit by Drogon.  Brienne and Pod lead Littlefinger's retinue a merry chase through the woods after getting dissed by Sansa.  Cersei harangue's Jaime into rescuing Myrcella from Dorne.  Jaime decides to invite Bronn along.  Prince Doran Martell, Ser Kevan Lannister and Lollys Stokeworth are all established as key characters this season.

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Season Five Episode 01: The Wars to Come

• April 14th, 2015

We open on an important flashback for Cersei that I think will set the tone of her story arc for the rest of the season.  After that we pick up the action right where season four left off.  Of our surviving characters only Arya, Bran (and co.) and Reek are missing from this episode.  We see whats up at Kings Landing, the Wall, Meeren, and visit with Brienne and Pod, Varys and Tyrion.  I wonder where in the seven kingdoms Littlefinger and Alayne are off to.

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Season Four Episode 10: The Children

• June 24th, 2014

Craig believes the grumpkins are our future.  Take their hand and let them lead the way.  Let them show the fireballs they have inside... What can I say.  Powerful episode.  The show has really caught up to the books in a lot of important story lines.  Where will they go from here?

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