Season 6 Episode 09: Battle of the Bastards

• June 22nd, 2016

Epic.  Jon leads his coalition of loyal troops to face off against the Boltons in a last ditch effort to reclaim Winterfell, and just about everybody dies in the ensuing battle.  Too bad Rickon never learned to serpentine.  Littlefinger's Army of the Vale swoops in at the last possible second to save the lives of Jon and Tormund.  Wun Wun is felled by arrows after smashing open Winterfell's gate.  Ramsay comes to regret starving his hounds.  Oh and Dany and her dragons get the best of the Masters of Slaver's Bay.  They are careful to not burn all the boats.  Then Yara and Theon pop up to make a deal.

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Season 6 Episode 08: No One

• June 15th, 2016

Arya graduates early from Faceless Man U.  The Hound joins the Brotherhood without Banners.  Jaime achieves a bloodless coup at Riverrun.  Brienne fails in her mission to recruit the Blackfish, but gets to keep Oathkeeper as a consolation prize.  Bronn plays grab-ass with Pod.  Tommen takes trial by combat off the table.  Qyburn and Cersei have a lead on a useful rumor.

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Season 6 Episode 07: The Broken Man

• June 8th, 2016

The Hound returns, and chops lots of wood.  Jaime puts some Freys in their place by taking over their pitiful siege.  The Blackfish is unimpressed.  Edmure Tully is grateful to not be hanged.  Yara tells Theon he needs to man up.  Sansa, Jon and Davos start recruiting troops to take back Winterfell.  Arya runs afoul of the Waif.

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Season 6 Episode 06: Blood of My Blood

• June 1st, 2016

Sam and Gilly find no thrill up on Horn Hill, but they do come away with some valyrian steel.  The High Sparrow gains the upper hand, with Tommen sitting in the palm.  Exit Hodor, enter Coldhands.  Dany appeals to her base by demonstrating her riding skills.

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Season 6 Episode 05: The Door

• May 24th, 2016

No more Hodor.  But wow, there was great Night King & White Walkers vs. Children of the Forest action.  Sansa gives Littlefinger a verbal smackdown, then hatches a plan to retake the North with Jon.  The Kingsmoot happens.  Jorah and Dany share a touching moment.

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Season 6 Episode 04: Book of the Stranger

• May 20th, 2016

I'm afraid there's a drop in the audio quality of this one, but it's still listenable.  Lots to talk about.  Jon Snow doesn't even step foot out of Castle Black before Sansa arrives to pull him back in.  Brienne tells Melisandre and Ser Davos of Stannis' fate.  Margaery pays Loras a visit, who is not faring well in his cell.  Cersei and Jaime come to terms with Lady Olenna and Ser Kevan.  Ramsay pulls off another despicable act, and that's a wrap on Osha.  Theon gets a chilly homecoming.

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Season 6 Episode 03: Oathbreaker

• May 11th, 2016

Jon finds a cosmic loophole to get out of his oath to the Night's Watch.  Melisandre finds a new "Prince who was promised" to obsess over.  Ser Allister and Ollie find the end of a rope.  Tommen finds resolve to face the High Sparrow, then quickly gets spun around again.  Bran travels back to the Tower of Joy with the ghost of Christmas Past and witnesses an historic skirmish.  Sam finds a much-needed puke bucket.

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Season 6 Episode 02: Home

• May 3rd, 2016

Lord Balon Greyjoy: Dead.  Lord Roose Bolton: Dead. Lady Walda and the newborn heir to House Bolton: Dead.  Lord Commander of the Night's Watch Jon Snow: Alive.  A girl is: No One.  Tyrion Lannister pets some dragons.  King Tommen hugs his mother.  Bran watches a flashback to young Ned, Lyanna, Brandon and Hodor.  Mirra is bummed.  Yara is annoyed.  There's a kingsmoot comin' to the Iron Islands.

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Season 6 Episode 01: The Red Woman

• April 26th, 2016

We're back in the thick of it, reconnecting with our old pals Ser Davos, Dolorous Ed, Ghost, Melisandre, Reek, Sansa, Brienne, Podrick, Ramsay, Roose, Cersei, Jaime, Margaery, The High Sparrow, Tyrion, Varys, Ser Jorah, Daario, and Daenerys... I think that's about everybody... Oh yea, and Jon Snow's corpse.  Still dead, so far.

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Season Five Episode 10: Mother’s Mercy

• June 16th, 2015

Six, count 'em, Six established characters die in this episode.  Vengeful murder aplenty, with a dash of suicide.  And lots of cliffhanger moments for the survivors.

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