Episode 10: Fire & Blood

In the wake of Ned Stark's death, what will become of everyone else?  This season finale gives all our favorite characters exciting new story arcs to embark upon, and makes for a super suspenseful cliffhanger.  Thrill as the Greatjon proclaim's Rob 'King in the North'!  Feel the lump in your throat as Jon Snow's new brothers say their oaths and convince him not to go AWOL.  Surprise yourself by actually feeling empathy for Sansa as Joffrey taunts her with the disembodied heads of her father and Septa.  Wonder at how things will change in King's Landing with tyrion as the new Hand.  It all wraps up with a glimpse of very cool living dragons, promising great things in Dany's future.

We shall return next week with a Season One wrap up and reflection episode.  We'll also make a plan for what to podcast about between now and Season Two.

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