Episode 13: Conan Vs. Conan

"Conan!  What is best in life?"  "Crap out a screenplay ... film it as ineptly as possible ... and hear the lamentations of the audience."  To which I might add "and discuss it in a podcast that is published 90 days after the disaster leaves the theater".

As a lifelong fan of Conan in all it's forms: short stories, comics and the original 1982 film, I had high hopes going into the theater to see how our favorite Dothraki horselord would fare as Conan: The Barbarian.  You'll find out just how disappointed we all were in our latest episode.  We did a lot of research for this one. In addition to seeing the new movie, we had a viewing party to watch both of the 80's films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Plus Molly read some original Robert E. Howard stories, and I looked at the covers of all the Conan novels I read in high school.  Armed with all of this knowledge we discuss the dubious merits of the many incarnations of Conan.

EDIT: If you downloaded Episode 13 prior to Dec. 4 it included an audio glitch.  The file has been corrected, so if you re-download you will get the fixed episode.

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