Episode 9: Baelor

Oh the sadness.  Ned's dead, baby.  Ned's dead.  Arya's fat pigeon? Dead.  2000 of Rob Stark's men?  Dead.  That one Dothraki who dislikes Maegi so much?  Dead.  Khal Drogo?  Not looking good.  The Kingslayer?  Captured!  Tyrion and Bronn? Drunk! Shae? Enigmatic! Lord Frey? Gross! Maester Aemon? Targaryen! Only one episode left in season one, folks.  Stay with us till the bitter end.


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  • Chris Voorhees

    I don’t think the series has ever even raised the idea of Ned making a promise to Lyanna, so if they address it at all they will have to do a flashback. I wonder if they will just neglect that altogether. One nit-picky criticism…no blood on Jorah’s sword as he’s putting it away after whacking that bloodrider’s face off. They haven’t been shy about the gore in this series, so that was a surprising oversight. Overall though…really amazing episode!

    Jun 15, 2011 at 4:54 pm
  • Solomon Kleinsmith

    Your dad is hilarious… those lines about the Khalisi is AWESOME, hahaha

    As for suggestions to what you should do to keep this podcast going… don’t just stick to this one show. Branch out to other high quality sci fi and fantasy shows, movies and related things.

    Like this Falling Skies show that is about to start, about a resistence against alien invasion on TNT that looks good.

    TrueBlood is about to come back on.

    We could make fun of shitty shows like Teen Wolf…

    There is some new show on syfy called Alphas… no idea if it’ll be good.

    Some show called Outcasts where humans have colonized another planet…

    There is some Starz show called Torchwood that sounds cool.

    Really any shows with appeal to nerd types :)

    Jun 17, 2011 at 5:03 pm