Season 7 Episode 01: Dragonstone

Seven be praised, Game Of Thrones is back and so are we!  The new season kicks off with a killer cold open featuring Arya, followed by a lot of table setting.  We get a good look at where are the surviving major characters are and what their motivations are.  Jon, Sansa, Littlefinger, Tormund, Brienne and Pod at Castle Black.  Oh yeah, and Bran and Meera arrive there as well.  Bran's reunion with his siblings didn't make the cut this week, but surely we'll see that next time.  Cersei and Jamie have an uneasy discussion in the Queen's new map/courtyard, then enjoy an audience with Euron Greyjoy.  Sam spends an eternity cleaning chamber pots and sloshing stew for the maesters in Old Town, but finally sneaks a look at the restricted section. The episode closes out with Daenerys and her armada arriving at Dragonstone, on Westerosi soil at last.  Shall we begin?

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