Season 7 Episode 06: Beyond the Wall

Arya reminisces about her dad, then confronts Sansa about the letter she found. Sansa rifles through Arya's stuff and finds faces. Tyrion tells Daenerys to play it cool with Cersei. The ranging party gets their asses kicked by the undead beyond the wall. Gendry runs all the way back to Eastwatch, has them send a raven to Daenerys, who mounts a rescue, dragon-style. After they torch plenty of undead the Night King casually throws an ice spear and slays a dragon. Daenerys gets away with everyone but Thoros, who froze overnight, a few randos, and Jon, who goes for a swim first and then rides back on Benjen's horse.  Later Jon and Daenerys share a tender moment. Then the Night King resurrects himself a frost dragon.

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