Season 8 Episode 03: The Long Night

The Dead arrive at Winterfell and relentlessly slaughter the defenders, pushing their way over the walls. Before all hell breaks loose Melisandre arrives, sets the Dothraki's arakhs ablaze, inspiring them all to charge off and die instantly. This alarms Daenerys, who takes to the air with Drogon to go burn some baddies. What follows is a confused, hazy, dark slog of death and defeat. Jon and Daenerys engage the Night King on dragonback in mid air, enveloped by snowstorm. Lyanna Mormont and Beric die heroically in grim scenes. Arya kicks ass for a while, then gets a bump on the noggin and starts skulking in fear, until Melisandre finds her and cryptically inspires her to go kill something with blue eyes. Jon knocks the Night King off Viserion to the ground, Drogon gives him a full face of dragon flame, but he smirks it off. Jon races to take on The Night King on foot, who raises the slain Winterfell defenders to swarm Jon. The Night King then strolls on into the Godswood, where Theon has been quickly running out of arrows defending Bran. Inside the crypt folks sit grimly until the dead start popping out of the tombs, but nobody recognizable dies. After Daenerys is pulled from Drogon by swarming dead soldiers, Jorah dies defending her. The Night King kills Theon, casually strolls over to Bran, leisurely reaches for his sword, and out of nowhere Arya leaps on him, does a trick with her Valyrian steel dagger and stabs him. All the baddies drop dead for good. Melisandre walks away from Winterfell, drops her necklace, then her robe, then she too dies.  Ultimately the long night wasn't that long.

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