Season 8 Episode 04: The Last of the Starks

The survivors in the North mourn their dead, burning them on funeral pyres. During a somber feast, Daenerys names Gendry Lord of Storm's End to great huzzahs. He then seeks out Arya and proposes to her, but she says thanks but no thanks. Jaime and Brienne hook up, much to Tormund's dismay. Daenerys begs Jon to keep his true parentage under wraps. Bronn arrives to demand Highgarden in exchange for not killing Jaime and Tyrion. Daenerys is ready to go fuck up King's Landing to put an end to Cersei, but everyone else dissuades her. Jon asks Bran to reveal his true parents to Sansa and Arya after swearing them to secrecy. Sansa turns around and immediately blabs to Tyrion, who in turn informs Varys. Arya and the Hound leave Winterfell together to take care of unfinished business in King's Landing. Tormund gives Jon a warm farewell, saying he's taking the Wildlings back beyond the wall. Daenerys and her fleet set sail for King's Landing, while Jon leads the Northern army. Euron Greyjoy ambushes the fleet at Dragonstone, immediately killing Rhaegal with bigger badder scorpions mounted on his ships. Daenerys' ships are quickly sunk as well, dumping everyone in the sea, allowing the bad guys to capture Missandei. Daenerys' blood is up as Varys and Tyrion debate whether Jon or Daenerys is better suited to sit the Iron Throne. Jaime ditches Brienne, seemingly wanting to go protect Cersei. During a parlay at King's Landing's gates Cersei rebuffs Tyrion's plea for peace, and has the mountain behead Missandei. Grey Worm is gutted, and Dany is ready for vengeance.

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