Season 8 Episode 06: The Iron Throne

After trashing King's Landing and murdering all the innocent townsfolk they could get their blades into, the Unsullied execute captured soldiers. Tyrion finds his siblings dead, conveniently toward the top of a pile of rubble. Daenerys throws a Nuremberg Rally. Tyrion says fuck this and is thrown in jail. Arya and Tyrion each essentially tell Jon that he should kill his girlfriend. Jon finds Daenerys admiring the Iron Throne and tenderly, sadly kills her. Drogon throws a fit, torches the Iron Throne then carries Daenerys' body away. The few remaining "lords" convene and crown Bran Stark the new King for some reason. Sansa manages to secede the North. Tyrion becomes Hand again. Jon has to return to the Night's Watch to mollify Grey Worm, which everyone seems to think is fine. Grey Worm takes Dany's Horde back to the sea and leaves Westeros forever. The new small council meets for the first time, comprised of Tyrion, Brienne, Bronn, Davos, and Sam. Podrick is knighted. Sansa is crowned Queen in the North. Arya is Magellan. Jon and Ghost trudge north with the Wildlings. The end.

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