Season Three Episode 03: Walk of Punishment

At long last, Riverrun... at least in animated opening credits form.  We meet a few Tullys: Catelyn's brother Edmure, her uncle Blackfish and briefly, her deceased father Lord Hoster.  Robb gives Edmure quite the dressing down for not following battle plans precisely, and the Blackfish gives his niece comfort.  Not-Jayne-Westerling gives some little Lannister lads a scare as she patches them up.  Theon gets some help from a mysterious stranger escaping from the cell he was being held in by mysterious torturers.  Lord Tywin hosts a game of chairs with his small council.  Mance Rayder orders Tormund to take Jon with him to scale the wall.  The Nights Watch returns to Craster's Keep, much the worse for wear, and in foul spirits.  Jayme and Brienne bicker in their bonds, followed by a nigh-besmirching, allayed by Jayme's bluff to Not-Vargo-Hoat. The episodes ends with a smash cut.

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