Season Three Episode 05: Kissed By Fire

This is a dark, bloody episode.  Trial by combat!  Dondarrion vs Clegane!  "Kill him!", screams Arya.  The hound prevails, however, yet miraculously Beric lives to fight another day. But only after dying.  Lord Karstark takes his vengeance out on two helpless boys, leaving Robb no choice but to mete out justice and behead him, losing half his fighting force in the process.  Jayme and Brienne are delivered to Roose Bolton at Harrenhall, and are treated courteously.  Qyburn courteously tends to Jayme's stump.  Jayme and Brienne share a bath, and Jayme shares a dark truth, about how he became Kingslayer.  They also share glances at each others naughty bits. Jon and Ygritte do more than that in the enchanted romance cave.  Ygritte is kissed by more than just fire.  And in King's Landing lots of weddings are being planned, and not everybody is happy about it.

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