Season Three Episode 09: The Rains of Castamere

It's a nice ep. for a... Red Wedding.  This brutal brutal event seems to have effectively rocked the fans who didn't see it coming.  Adding some stabbing to Talisa added some shock to those of us who knew what was about to go down.  Say goodbye to Robb Stark and all the hopes for the north.  Say goodbye to poor long-suffering Catelyn.  Weep for poor Arya who came so close to the reunion she longed for.  Wonder what became of the Blackfish. Oh, and up near the wall the warging is getting out of hand!  We get to see a killer combat sequence featuring Daario, Ser Jorah and Gray Worm.  But... all the coolness is over shadowed by the remorseless storytelling gutpunch that is the Red Wedding.

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