Season Two Episode 09: Blackwater

The entire season has been building up to the siege of King's Landing and it did not disappoint.  We were not treated to the spectacle of knights clashing in broad daylight across a burning broken bridge of boats, but we were treated to one hell of a CG explosion that blows Davos into the Blackwater.  Cersei gets drunk and morose and almost discovers who Shae is,  then almost poisons poor little Tommen.  Stannis is the first up the siege ladders, sans helmet.  Tyrion rallies the troops and leads them out after the Hound gets spooked by everything burning, and Joffrey wimps out.  Lord Tywin's host arrives in time to save the city from Stannis, with Ser Loras apparently leading the vanguard.


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  • Keith

    Great episode, although I kept on wondering why Stannis fought on the same battlement for the entire half an hour.

    PS: I promise free pints of beer if you come to Malta :P

    When one of you mentioned Ragnar The Red, I remembered the first time I played Skyrim. This bard just got the flute out of nowhere and started to sing. The flute startled me.

    Jun 1, 2012 at 4:50 am